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SROL Meeting Keys

GENERAL Invites to everyone to participate if they choose, starting with a check-in, followed by agenda setting, discussion of each topic and a check-out; limited in size; no verifications offered
DISCUSSION Typically large with up to 300 attendees; features no check-in; discussion topics may be set by the facilitator or suggested by meeting attendees; verifications offered
FAMILY & FRIENDS Help for those with loved ones suffering from addiction; focuses on self-care and helping loved ones to seek treatment; no verifications offered
SMM SMART Meeting Management (SMM) open to trainees, new facilitators, hosts and SROL volunteers; bring any meeting or logistical issue related to meetings such as, finding meeting space, increasing attendance, challenging participants, etc. to brainstorm with seasoned facilitators and peers
S4V SMART for Volunteers (S4V) open to current facilitators, hosts and SROL volunteers; this is a support meeting for SMART Volunteers; access is restricted
UK-GENERAL AND FAMILY & FRIENDS UK SMART Recovery General and Family & Friends meetings are hosted by UK SMART Recovery. To attend UK Meetings, you must register at the UK Website using the link in the meeting schedule; no verifications offered
INTRO Learn about one of the 4-Points or receive an overview of SMART Recovery and how to navigate the SROL website; verifications may be offered please check the meeting schedule
SPECIALITY Focuses on specific addictions/maladaptive behaviors (e.g. sexual maladaptive, eating behaviors); focuses on a specific group (e.g. military veterans, first responders, medical/mental health professionals, teens college-age, women); or focuses on a specific tool (Mindfulness and Meditation, Tool Time: in depth review of one SMART tool/concept, Activity/Process: addresses a wide range of behaviors); verifications may be offered please check the meeting schedule

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