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    Default A sober life is a better life

    I believe that we all want a better life for ourselves and our family members. We aspire to a better situation in our lives and the lives of the ones we love.

    When I was abusing alcohol regularly, I understood that I was putting my aspirations, my relationships, even my life at times, at risk. The urge to drink blinded me to the risks I was taking. I could see through the alcohol-induced haze that I was risking everything that I aspired to.

    It took me time and determination, but I found this simple truth: a sober life is a better life.

    Oh, sure. The boozy highs and hangover lows are gone. The drama of getting home safely or getting up in the morning to face an angry spouse is gone. The anger and disappointment in the eyes of my children is gone. It turns out that's a good thing, a very good thing.

    There are definite reasons that I can clearly say: a sober life is a better life.

    Better health.

    Better relationships with my spouse and my family.

    Better outlook with respect for myself and fewer regrets.

    Better personal outcomes, with much less risk involved.

    There are many tools and resources at Smart Recovery to move toward a sober life. Eight years ago, I used many of them.

    A sober life is a better life. All of the benefits above are included. I encourage you to set your aspirations high and choose a better life. Smart Recovery can help you do that.


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    You are soooo right. After you've allowed your body and brain to heal, everything is so much easier to deal with. When problems come along. Dealing with them is not nearly as hard as when you're trying to go through each day in a haze and with tunnel vision. And when good thing happen? They seen so much better and amazing!
    Keep it up!

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    Agreed! Being sober and staying sober has been such a better life so far. No more waking up feeling bad from drinking the night prior. Being clearheaded all the time has been so much more enjoyable as well. I've been able to do more proactive activities with my family and my relationships have also improved. Looking forward to continued sobriety and a healthier lifestyle.

Share this SMART Recovery Success Story!

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