I quit smoking weed at the beginning of this school semester. After years of smoking daily, even showing up to labs last semester lit, I haven't had any weed at all since I started these classes. They're hard ones- everyone told me to brace myself cause it was gonna be a bumpy academic ride.

Well I just got in my grade for my first ever lab practical- and I got over 100%! I've gotten over 100% on all my test so far in the semester, and haven't missed or half-assed a single assignment. After squeaking by last semester in my 100 level course I am killing these 200 level courses. I have moments of craving, but right now in this moment I just wanna celebrate, and contemplate what I might be capable of if I can keep on this recovery journey! I never thought I could be this successful, and I'm re-thinking what I believe about myself. I'm finding my self-confidence again and it feels really good!

Just remind me to remember this feeling the next time I get a craving guys. Cause I know it's coming, but I don't want to go back to living my most mediocre, least engaged life if I can help myself.