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    Default SMART Recovery Has Empowered My Sobriety

    Although I have only accumulated ~35 days of sobriety this go-round, I am confident that I will succeed because of the tools the SMART recovery system has provided me with. By emphasizing the importance of intrinsic motivation and avoiding self-deprecating labels like alcoholic, this program allows me to take control of my own recovery.

    I have really appreciated the REBT discussions and exercises included in the workbook. Understanding how my thoughts influence my feelings which drive my actions, allows me to disrupt unhealthy thought processes which “forced” me to drink in the past long enough for me to really examine the situation. It has also helped me overcome the irrational belief that my life should be free of all discomfort.

    This has helped me to proactively address numerous stressors in my life and enabled me to cope with remaining stressors in a healthy manner without turning to alcohol, as I have done so many times in the past.

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    Hi KPBond,

    Congrats on your successes! 35 Days is awesome work and choices. Glad you are find the SMART Tools helpful.

    Best to you,
    "Discover the Power of Choice!"

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Share this SMART Recovery Success Story!

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