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    Red face One Year Today NO DRINKEE

    HI Everybody. I don't post very often but had to share my 1 year alcohol free milestone. I never thought I'd see the day but here it is. I won't say my exact age but I'm over 50 and started drinking aroung age 14 with my high school buddies mainly on weekends. I'm an only child and my Dad was an Alcoholic, so I guess I inherited at least part of the problem from him. I won't go into a big thing about my Dad but growing up with an Alcholic Scotsman with a Bad Temper is maybe just slightly less fun than having Vlad the Impaler over for dinner.

    Anyways. Over the years I tried Dozens of times to quit the Booze. Longest I ever had was maybe 4 months alcohol free . I was basically a Binger, usually on Beer. Vaste Copious, Amounts of Beer. I used to have Speed Beer Drinking Contests and could down 3 beers in 8 seconds. without spilling a drop or barfing it up. That would be an awesome asset for any employment resume for sure eh.

    I could go on for hours with my drunken exploits, some of which landed me in Jail and some in the Hospital including near fatal vehicle accidents, One time I put one of those Orange Taffic Cone things on my head and Danced down the street singing We're off to see the Wizard song from the Wizard of OZ Movie.

    Anyways not much more to say except I'm very happy to hit the One Year Mark. I have no compulsion to drink whatsoever. And although I'm still Crazy at least I'm not Drunk and Crazy !!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody. Dave and His Chocolate Lab dog Angus...……………………...

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    Congrats Dave!!!!!

    This is quite an accomplishment, much better than 3 beers/8 secs. I am happy for you.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. May 2019 become the best EST year for you.

    Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks Dave. Your message sounds familiar. My drinking career started at 14 and I am now on the verge of 60. My Dad was an alcoholic as was his Dad (I am told) and my little brother. Dad quit drinking around age 49 and brother at about 50. I had a couple of reasonable periods of abstinence over the years but only 4 months or so ago found sobriety with SMART. At least it feels different this time around. The tools and support I find in SMART have made such a difference this time around. Looking forward to having most of the family over for Xmas dinner tomorrow and being sober for it is very exciting for me this time around. Congrats on your 1 year and wish you and everyone here a wonderful holiday season and the best into 2019.

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    Congrats. I was a binge drinker to. I would go about 3 weeks without a drink, but once I started I would go 5-8 days without stopping. I wouldn't stop until I ran out of money or my body shut down. I usually ran out of money first. I didn't just get a little drunk, I would get stupid drunk drinking from early morning to late at night. I would spend obscene amounts of money since I did all my drinking at bar. I only have a month sober but looking forward to being a year sober next Christmas.

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    Heck of a Christmas gift to give yourself every year! Congratulations, and well done!
    Is this old airplane safe to fly? How in the world do you think it got to be this old?

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    Congratulations Dave!!
    Way to go! Great choices made everyday for a year. May I ask what SMART Tools you found the most helpful? It is great to know what is working for everyone.

    Best to you as you go forward.

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    Way to go! Passed the year-and-a-half mark this month, myself. Your recollections brought to mind some of my lunacy over the years. These days, I sit and wonder, "Who the heck was that guy?"


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    Congrats to you on your one year anniversary. I look forward to the same, having been seven months sober at this point. What resonates with me about what you said is that I too am still crazy minus the booze. Crazy is still a characteristic of who I am and that gives me great solace on this journey. Carry on!!

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    Hi Dave
    I hope you don't mind my saying that I chuckled more than once reading your post. I loved the part about the beer drinking binging being something great to put on a resume. You obviously have a wonderful sense of humor, even though we all know that giving up booze for a year is a very serious matter, and you have a whole lot to be proud of.. And by the way, I have a lot of serious stuff going on in my life that I face clean and sober, but I always enjoy the chance to have a good laugh about it all. Thank you for being you.

    Happy New Year

    "The central human drama is not wanting the experience we are having"

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