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    Default Time to get back to a healthy body and mind

    It was definitely time to come back to reality. I’m, I guess, kind of an old timer here I suppose. I joined Smart Recovery right around 6 years ago. I was starting out another journey to take my life back. The more meetings I got involved with, the better life got. After 2 or 3 years of sobriety I started to come here less and less. I pretty much thought I had “graduated” when I got to 4 years sober. But after 4 years and 6 months something happened. I stepped into a freelance job that was going to last about a month. The owner was a really cool dude. One of his clients gifted him a six pack of beer for doing a good job. He being a cool guy at the end of the work day offered me a beer. I suppose I had been having the idea of trying moderate drinking. So I accepted. We stood in the shop and chatted for a while sipping on a beer. Yeah one beer, that was it. Didn’t go out and buy more after work. Didn’t drink that week. But I thought I had proved to myself that, hey look now, I have control now. Lucky me. But as the time went by, about a year and a half, with off and on beer drinking. Escalation started happening. Hangovers that shouldn’t have happened. The control wasn’t there. So last week I realized I need to get back to where I started. It’s only been a week sober now. But the good news is that I know when I come here I have the tools to make it work again. I also know that, I can slip up. It’s time to get vigilant with what is right for a healthy body and mind.

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    Hi Beachfreak

    I know what it can be like to be tempted into thinking "things will be different this time". I almost gave into that one on numerous occasions but fortunately, playing the tape forward saved my butt. I 'm glad you caught on to what was happening and came back here to, as you put it, get back to a healthy body and mind. You've got this. Just keep doing what you know you have to do. I'm glad you're here.

    Best to you
    "The central human drama is not wanting the experience we are having"

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    One thing for me anyway with sobriety it comes easier for a healthier diet. I didn’t have much of an appetite before and would almost feel as if I needed something greasy when I did have one or just simply eat whatever just to get something in me. I crave fruits and vegetables much more, less to no deep fried or red meats. I simply have more time and ambition as well to actually prepare a healthy diet and tend to exercise more since I do need something to do all the time. Now I have more time for these things since I’m not using the time with drinking. And my beverage choices are so healthy as well. Teas, Kambucha, black coffee, water and la crocix, are my preferred beverages.

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    get the best of it, dont let it get you!

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