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    After over 3 years of continued sobriety, I still find myself struggling to shed the 12 step idealizations programmed in my brain from multiple treatment centers centered around AA/NA. I now work in the Drug & Alcohol field as a Recovery Specialist. I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle everyday. My job description is literally to promote an individualized pathway to recovery by helping them navigate the struggles of early recovery and providing necessary resources to set the individual up for success. The only thing is, within my agency, the court courts, and local single-county authority, success is based on 12 step thinking. I want to be able to be a voice to those that are on MAT or not practicing other forms of recovery and being successful with it but stigma hold me back. I work with a counselor who has achieved 30 plus years of sobriety through NA and she promotes it highly to her clients while never mentioning SMART or anything else. It is a common phrase in AA -if you want what we have... well what this lady has after 30 years is an empty life of misery and no real happiness. I don't want that. I am so happy and free now. I have a beautiful family. I became a beekeeper my first year sober and have embraced a more holistic lifestyle. My bees made it through the winter for the first time and I am hopeful that I can turn it into something more someday. I don't think the addiction field is my end game as far as careers go. The sky is the limit. I want to surround myself with people that "fan my flame," as Rumi would say. After 10 years of IV heroin use I feel like I found myself. It's not within the confines of being an addict. I am so much more than that today.....

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    Well done on that 3 years and marvellous Balanced Life growth!
    Well done trying to get SMART out there

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