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    Hello, fellow travellers! I am on my (hopefully) final night of drinking, sitting at my computer having some beers before taking the long overdue plunge into sobriety. I am a surprisingly fit 60 year old ( frequently mistaken for being in my mid to late 40's) in a small city in Canada. My desire for sobriety has been long and frustrating (realizing a real problem and reaching out in 2004). Since then, I have attended somewhere in the vicinity of a hundred AA meetings, hearing some heartfelt stories, but not wanting to buy in to the 12 step philosophy surrendering to a higher power and embracing personal lack of power, if you will. Quite frankly, I don't believe either have much to do with my drinking, but, as I've always contended, if it works for you then all the (higher) power to you. I have never been to rehab (no, no, no...shoutout to Ms. Winehouse), and, like all harmful habits, I think the real first step is having the desire to quit, the rest is simply details and execution. I have successfully quit a 15 year cocaine habit ( six years and counting), and can say with confidence, my last line was my last line. Initially, when I found my brain thinking about coke, I would simply remember the worst moment of my experiences with the drug, and the impulse would quickly pass. As time went on, I found I could think about the coke high with a degree of detachment, that was me, it no longer holds any sway over my life. I think it will be the same with quitting drinking. I no longer have the need, the cons far outweigh the pros, and I am ready and motivated to get on to a healthy, fulfilling life. More to follow, peace to you all.
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    I am in my 60's. I did the cocaine thing a long time ago. But I want to quit alcohol. I've done AA and others. I feel lost.

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    Hi, Rustic. I think you may find the resources you need with SMART recovery, as I said in my introduction I think the most important step is to want to quit your alcohol dependance. One thing that stood out in my mind with the coke problem was my sister telling me how good life is on the sober side. As far as the physical craving with alcohol, it subsides fairly quickly, as you may know the tricky part is the staying mentally sober. May I suggest making a list of positive things to keep you on track? Things like health, family, relationships, career or post-career (education?), not to mention the money you will have at your disposal. Why not go for it? You have everything to gain. Joe

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