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    Hello, Friends! I am hoping to connect with other members for insights, guidance, constructive criticism on my thoughts and emotions along my recovery journey. I haven't been doing well lately. Since I "dropped out" of AA in April, after 12 years of involvement, I began drifting and experimenting with my addiction to alcohol.

    For the past two months I have been drinking daily- beer in the morning and throughout the day, and wine at night. This is not what I want for my life- to be a lush! There are physical, mental, emotional, and financial negative consequences. But like any habit, it will be a challenge to reverse this pattern.

    I am hoping that engaging with SMART will help me sober up and stay there! I need to do a refresher course of the "Skills" since I began involvement with SMART in 1997.

    Grateful for any help or suggestions!


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    Just wanted to reply to say well done for coming on here and being so honest. I have 7 years, but feel it’s quite fragile at the moment. But I’m determined. I wouldn’t want to offer advice, I am no expert. But perhaps you’ve got the answer already as you end your post talking about a refresher course. I think deep down you know what to do. And you know what tools are available. I sure you can do it, or you wouldn’t have wasted valuable drinking time putting up a post 😂. Give us an update when you’re ready on how you’re doing ?


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