This has been something My Boyfriend and I have been working on for the Past 2 1/2 Years and are now getting finalization of all the trials and tribulations, stress and strain of all that We have done for Our Friend.


In September 2016, George Ferrocarril, a 65-year-old Air Force veteran and Space Shuttle quality control specialist drove to Ft. Worth for a quality control contracting job. In early November 2016, he disappeared. His friends SGT Bill Geresy (ret) and SGT Karen Damvelt (ret), his friends in Michigan became very concerned that phone calls and e-mails went unanswered. In early 2017, Karen contacted Fred Rosen, a best-selling true crime author, through George’s Facebook page. Fred began investigating. Thus began Operation George.

In 1971, George, a Brooklyn boy, enlisted in the Air Force, serving four years. He maintained the KC-135 Stratotankers for the 41st Air Refueling Squadron of the 416th Bomb Wing at Griffiss AFB, Rome, New York. After discharge and more schooling, he became a quality control specialist, working on parts for the Space Shuttle in Kalamazoo, MI. It was there a mutual love of trains that brought Bill, Karen, and George together.

United Space Alliance sent him to Cape Kennedy to help in the investigation into the Space Shuttle Challenger's explosion off the Florida coast on Jan. 28, 1986. Seventeen years later on February 1, 2003 the Space Shuttle Columbia burned up over Texas on reentry to Earth’s atmosphere. United Space Alliance sent up the Bat Signal again for George, to help in the investigation.

Rosen discovered that on Nov. 7, 2016 in Fort Worth, where George had gone for his current job, it was thunder storming. The temperature was in the high 60’s. The maid knocked on the door of George’s room at the Value Inn, a long-term motel at the Northeast Loop of I-20. He didn’t answer.

Figuring the room was unoccupied; she opened it and saw a short, pudgy man with dark skin, wearing only briefs, lying on the bed. It was George and he was dead. Police were called. His body was soon transported to the morgue.

The next day’s autopsy noted that George had been dead for a while before his body was found. According to the autopsy report, there was no “disposition of property,” including a cell phone. All his property was left at the motel where after 60 days per motel policy, it was disposed of.

The coroner concluded that “Cause of Death” was “atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease” and “hypercholesterolemia.” George died from a heart attack. His mom had died in 1999; there was no next of kin.

The police did know he had an ex-wife from his driver’s license. There is no record she was contacted. Nor was any attempt made to find out if he was a veteran who deserved a military burial. The SSAN block on his death certificate was filled in with”??”. A call to the VA at Waco, TX, would have confirmed his veteran status. Instead, George Ferrocarril was buried as an unclaimed body at Cedar Hill Memorial Park Cemetery in Fort Worth.

SGT Bill Geresy (ret), one of George’s railroad friends, was shocked to learn that Veterans Administration was barred by law from assisting to have George exhumed for a proper military burial as George was in a private cemetery.

Bill being a Legionnaire, called a Legion Post in George’s hometown of Danville, IL, and was referred to lawyer William Townsley. Mr. Townsley, a Marine Veteran, stepped forward to join Operation George. He got Bill named a co-administrator for George’s estate.

After working to sell George’s large Lionel train collection and recovering papers, photographs, and videos George made watching trains around the country the next phase of "Operation George," began. SGT Geresy and SGT Damvelt were determined to honor their credo of “Leave No Fallen Comrade Behind! “

SGT Geresy for more than year made countless calls and e-mails attempting to find help to get George exhumed, cremated, and sent to Michigan. He was either told no or not responded to. Finally in December last year a call to Senator Cruz’s DC office started to get a lead. He was given the number for Texas State Senator Beverly Powell. That call was answered by Jimika Allison. When she heard the story Operation George had an ally. Jimika contacted Lezlie Kurtz. The Texas team was complete. These two heroes raised money for disinterment and got the paperwork through the maze of Texas bureaucracy.

His body was transferred in a police lead motorcade to a local Ft. Worth crematory. The crematory is owed by an Air Force Veteran who donated his services. On July 26, 2019 at 2PM, George Ferrocarril will finally get the full military burial this Vietnam Era veteran deserves at Fort Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, MI. The procession will gather at Winkle Funeral Home on M-89 in Otsego, MI. Gather by at least 12:30 PM to get Vehicles in order before leaving. The procession will leave at 1PM for Fort Custer National Cemetery.