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    Default Two months today

    Today I am celebrating 2 months sober . Never thought I could make it this far. I surprised myself and I am very proud of myself . I remember so clearly two months ago and how hard it was.

    i attended a lot of SROL meetings. But sure enough it is getting little easier .

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    well done newday5! What is an SROL meeting? I have been to a SMART meeting. Are they different?

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    Great job! I am not new to recovery but I am new to SMART. I will be celebrating 100 days soon. I am in a treatment center and am active in other fellowships. It's really what works foryou. Congratulations !!

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    Thanks Angel2 , SROL stands for SMART RECOVERY ON-LINE

    - - - Updated - - -

    Congratulations on the 100 days that will be awesome.

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    Well done !
    It does get easier and wonderful .
    The secret of change is to focus energy on building the new life . Socrates

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    Great Job! I just started and on day 4.

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    Congrats !! I am inspired when I hear success stories. I am only on about four months myself and this is the most sober time I have had in about 36 years. Every day is so new to me that I am intoxicated on sobriety at this point.

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    Congratulations! Two months is a really big deal! Keep up the good work!

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