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    Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

    I just wanted to share that I have reached the 100 day mark! A great way to start the New Year. I've tried here and there to moderate or give up drinking, but this is the first time it has stuck. So if you've ever tried and relaspsed keep trying!

    When I thought about giving up I couldn't imagine life without you-know-what, didn't think I could cope, but I have. I feel a lot better for it!

    It's funny to think I did it over Christmas and New Year. I also had other celebration dates in there too, but I celebrated with mocktails. A real first I can tell you!

    If you are starting the year with a dry January or other goal I salute you and know you can do it!


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    Congratulations on 100 days, Ujamaflip!

    Sounds like you are off to a great start. Keep doing what got you this far!

    Have a great day or at least a crappy sober one!
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    I see that this year will be one of your greatest yet. Congratulations!

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    Awesome job Ujamaflip!

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    Congrats to you!! 100 days is huge! I am right there with you at trying to moderate and/or quit in the past but this go at sobriety feels different for me too.

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    hey fantastic i wish i could just be somewhere close. i think you deserve a gold medal

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    Congrats! What do you think made it stick? I keep messing up. Trying though.

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    I am so about that mocktail life. Thanks for the encouragement about falling x amount of times and getting up x+1. This is a journey, not a destination.

    All the best,

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