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    Default three years since my last bet

    I'm thankful that three years ago, SMART was recommended to me. I'm particularly grateful to members who supported my recovery when I began: jeb; phrogpilot73; Renaissance.

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    Well done you chossy

    Well done those volunteers you mentioned!

    Well done finding and usinig the tools, being open to the SMART community, and persisting.

    What got me sober was TRYING to get sober. Often when I lapsed, picked up, drank, I FELT thoroughly beaten. I thought at that time "there is no hope for me" Yet, when I had recovered from that thought just a little, I thought "I'll have another GO!" It was a few little sparks, rather than a flame, that got me here!

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    I just joined for a gambling addiction that has got me by the neck , i hope they can do for me what they did for you , good luck to you

Share this SMART Recovery Success Story!

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