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    Default 2 years alcoholi free

    Im here for another addiction but im also coming up on 2 years alcohol free , i had end stafge liver problems and i was a dead man walking in ICU, well i couldnt walk much back then , i was forced to quit and its been 2 years of abstinence , everybody shunning you and not really wanting the buzz kill around , but its so much better to wake up with a clear head and not nauseaous running tothe bathroom every few hours do become a loner , but it is better than being intoxicated day in day out blacking out and barely able to get to work , im glad i was able to get off the booxe train , even though they say your liver will never be the same and obviously took years off my life and i may well have reoccuring issues down the road with the damage i did but its good to still be alive and clear headed , I lost everything to alcohol , house , wife , kids , job ..but life goes on , ilve in a apartment with my dog , its a simple life , you can always buy monetary things but you cant buy your health back ..- Randy

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    Given the level of problems you were experiencing with your drinking - how fantastic that you have been 2 years sober. That is a wonderful achievement .....

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    Hope you stay like this and get better, I Stopped drinking alcohol three weeks ago, an I'm proud of myself but It’s one of the hardest things ever. If you can get past 5 days, it becomes much easier.

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    Well done liamli on three weeks being sober.
    As for myself I found that as time passes my urges do become weaker and it’s easier for me to cope using the tools I learned in SMART.
    ”Never quit trying to Quit”

    I wish you continued success in your journey.
    I used to have an addictive behavior,
    but I choose not to act that way anymore”

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    Hello, Randy.
    Thank you for sharing your story wit us. It was ver powerful for me. I particularly was able to see how you now enjoy feeling clear-headed. Two years is a very good amount of time (not easy to do) and it's amazing how many things the human body is capable of doing to heal itself. Kudos to you on taking action and remaining sober for two years. I wish you the best of luck!

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