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Thread: Christmas 2021

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    Default Christmas 2021

    Well today is 12/26 and is my 461 morning without being hungover.
    I started my journey to be abstinent from alcohol in September’20. I had wondered how will it be ever possible to spend Christmas with family and friends and stay sober. I never had spent a Christmas without being intoxicated since last I can remember for 29years.
    Hang on, I stand corrected! I did spend Christmas 2020 sober, last year was my first ever holiday season being sober. Yes I used the SMART tools and a change plan worksheet to help me.

    and this year, Christmas 2021 is my 2nd Christmas being sober, having been abstinent for the last 66weeks.
    The DEADS tool was what I had used last year, Playing the tape and doing the ABC’s to dispute any triggers. This year I kept the SMART tools handy in my toolbox and carried them where ever I went.
    It was much more easier this time with having no urge to use at all.
    That’s what the power of choice has given me.
    SMART has given me the tools to help me make that Choice!

    I am looking forward to celebrating many more Christmases and New Year’s sober.
    I used to have an addictive behavior,
    but I choose not to act that way anymore”

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    Great work C_C on the 2nd sober Christmas and for using harnessing the Power of Choice...
    Be the flame that lights the way - Volunteering for SMART Recovery Online

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