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    Default Merry Christmas

    This is my first Christmas sober. I drank two bottles of sparkling apple juice on xmas eve, and I am sure I'll have two more tonight. I am 5 months clean and sober which is the longest I've ever had. It is totally different being around my family who drinks and me not drinking. I have to admit I do feel alone as I am single for the first time in a long time. I do have my loving daughter though and my family here so I am thankful for that. If I was still using I wouldn't be at my parents for Christmas I am sure about that. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!

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    Hi Luckylaura -

    Congratulations about this being your first Christmas sober, and for being so for 5 months. I usually have one or two bottles of sparkling cider etc in the house during the holidays also. Except with all the running around yesterday, I forgot to stop off and buy some yesterday. Also, there wasn't any more egg nog either, Today my Dad's lady friend brought a bottle of wine down to have with the meal - normally we don't have wine in our house. That kind of threw me off, and I gave some thought into whether I would have some or not. I did not have any of the wine. I am almost three years abstinent My last drink was NewYears Eve three years ago.

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