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Thread: 2.5 year sober

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    Default 2.5 year sober

    Joined the forums in September 2008 and lurked on and off mostly on days I called in sick with a hangover. I had downloaded the tools and started the CBA several times but never quite got to the motivation stage.*

    In early 2011, I started seeing a therapist since I wanted to stop drinking but felt unable to on my own. I was slowly working through issues and making goals, but not meeting them to stop drinking among other things.

    All of this time I was a fairly high functioning alcoholic holding down a high paying job. I drank daily, starting at happy hour after work, and earlier on the weekends.

    The tipping point was in early February 2012, I started an early Saturday drinking with my husband, which wasn't uncommon. That evening, we ended up at a wine tasting at an art gallery. I must have passed out in an alley and my husband couldn't find me. I ended up waking up several hours later and my face was scraped from falling against a brick building. Called my husband and was picked up and taken to the ER.

    I continued drinking for a few more weeks afterwards, unable to stop. I finally settled on taking a month off of drinking. Looked into rehab centers but decided on a 10 day health retreat instead. Stopped drinking a couple of days ahead and took my worksheets with me to go through. I have now been alcohol free for 2.5 years.

    The keys to my success were

    1. Finding an alternate focus, mine was exercise and diet.
    2. Reading and rereading the CBA when I needed motivation.
    3. Committing to stop drinking on my own, not a team effort. This was important since my spouse is also an alcoholic. Our previous attempts together never worked, it only took one to give in.
    3. Seeking help. I wouldn't been able to do this without my therapist holding me accountable and being my cheerleader. SMART recovery groups can also serve that need. The forums helped me as well, even as a lurker. Thank you all for being there.

    The first year was extremely stressful as my spouse was very resentful that I stopped drinking. He has now reduced his drinking to a manageable level.

    Stopping drinking has been the best decision I have made. SMART recovery was there for me and helped me succeed.

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    Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to me!

    Mel =)
    I'm not telling you it is going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.

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    Congratulations zima!

    My wife and I went through years of trying to quit. In the end, we were able to both quit. Nonetheless, the first year was a struggle..... I'm in awe of everyone who can quit with their SO continuing. It great that he has lowered his intake..... Your great example must help him.
    “Men are disturbed not by the things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen." Epictetus

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    Thankyou very much Zima for being here and sharing your story.
    What got me sober was TRYING to get sober. Often when I lapsed, picked up, drank, I FELT thoroughly beaten. I thought at that time "there is no hope for me" Yet, when I had recovered from that thought just a little, I thought "I'll have another GO!" It was a few little sparks, rather than a flame, that got me here!

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    Thank you for posting your experience Zima! When I saw your post I was thinking, hmmmm how come I dont recognize that name? Then I read it, ha! No wonder! Congratulations on 2.5 years! :-) I too am in total awe with folks who live with drinkers/user yet maintain their desire to live sober. So glad you are here with us. Update us now and again when you come here to "lurk" lol! :-)
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    Thank you for this posting. What an inspiration!
    It is solved by walking.

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