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    Default Day 2199

    I'm terrible at numbers, I had to do an online calculation to look up what day it actually was for me. But yep, it's been 6 years and a couple weeks of sobriety for me.

    I'm not here much anymore - I'm one of those who took what he could when he needed it, stuck around for a while, encouraged others, and then, well, I went back to working on the rest of me.

    Accomplishments since September 2008

    -graduated college as a fortysomething dude, now a licenced funeral director
    -have a career that for the first time in my life I'm both good at and actually find fulfilling
    -reconciled with my wife - we hadn't separated, we were instead separate lives in the same house. Not perfect, but we're doing way better than we were then.
    -got diagnosed and treated for my ADHD.
    -left the community we lived in that we hated to a place 45 minutes away from there, living in a house that we really like, and are an active part of the town.
    -lowered my blood pressure by forty points
    -regained my physical fitness
    -lost, I dunno, I'm guessing around 80 lbs or so.
    -have two teenaged daughters that confide and trust in me.

    Lots of my life is still messed up, and or messy. But I'm waay farther ahead than I ever thought I would be.

    This isn't bragging. I'm still at heart a pessimist, and can be snarky, cynical and downright hostile from time to time, and often worry about when the chandelier is going to finally fall on my head. Yet a small hope remains that I can get better still.

    This is to tell you, oh struggling people out there, that I was where you are now. But I did the work suggested here, and progressed. It came in fits and starts, with steps backward, forward and sideways, but I'm still progressing, and that's one of the answers I've found - that to be happy I have to challenge and change and progress and not just stay the same guy because, as one philosopher dude once said, the unexamined life isn't worth living.

    Anyway, I've rambled enough. I hope everyone here takes this as it is offered: an encouragement to you all to change, and grow, and see the potential inside yourselves. Practice (with SMART) won't make you perfect, but it'll get you to a better place. Trust me on that one.

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    Sounds to me like you are doing right darn well! (especially having two daughters that trust you enough to confide, outstanding!)
    Wherever you go, there you are

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    What an amazing success story, tweedie, and such an encouragement to new people that it can be done!

    The whole package 6 years down the line is such an inspiration.

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