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    Default How much is my freedom worth?

    How much was my freedom worth?
    I read a post this morning that got me thinking about the value of my freedom from alcohol. The post was about the current “Freedom Fortnight” event/fundraiser that has these statements at the top.

    The morning of Oct 7, 2013 I was searching the internet hoping to find help, it was a Monday morning and I had called in to work to take the day off, again. I knew I was addicted to alcohol and I was desperate, I had tried a couple of other programs that didn’t work for me. One thing I found were sites that promised they could cure my addiction for about $700. I was really close to trying it but I had this nagging thought that if it was really that easy no one would have a problem.

    During these searches SMART popped up and my thought was “I wonder what the cost is”? When I discovered it was free I thought “probably funded by some huge corporate sponsors” so I was looking for the angle. Then I realized this was an organization supported by donations and operated mostly by volunteers. At this point I became really interested, I felt that to have a website like this operated by volunteers takes a lot of dedication and people need to be pretty passionate that this system works.

    I spent most of my spare time over the next few weeks reading posts, and using the tools. Some of the things I read didn’t make sense to me and other things really hit home. It was work, but it was working, and I was feeling so much better. That was 21 months ago and since then I’ve watched many people, including me, find that their passion for life has been rekindled.

    It would be difficult to put a price on my freedom but I hope by donating and volunteering I can pay back a little.

    Today is the last day of the “Freedom Fortnight”, (I guess I need to work on procrastinating next) a fundraising event to help raise money and encourage people to volunteer.

    Click the banner to be a HERO! There are three options for celebrating. Choose 1 or 2 or all 3!

    1. Speak Up for Freedom of Choice!

    Inspire others by telling how you found freedom from addiction with SMART Recovery! Post your story in our successes forum.

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    3. Be a Leader Online or in Your Community!

    Be a hero and help others in the fight against addiction! Check out the many options for volunteering at SMART.
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