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    Default Eight months off Marijuana

    I did it. Left the chronic behind me.

    AS of 10/6/15 I have been marijuana free for eight months!

    I was able to get over this habit without having a traumatic event happening in my life. I used the CBA, HOV, and the Change PLan worksheets to affect change in my life.

    I am living drug free and loving it. I have more money in my pocket to pay bills with and treat myself with something special each month I remain clean (usually an unusual houseplant or a CD).

    I get more from my meditation than I did before and am able to think while awake much more quickly and make better decisions faster.

    Another added perk is the increased affect it has had on my personal emotional growth rate in therapy. Also the medication the psychiatrist gives me seem to be more effective and powerful now that i am not dampening them with pot.


    p.s. I am also 11 yrs off crack and meth; one year off of alcohol

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    CONGRATS! you are an inspiration!
    I'm here! And thats what counts!

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    kick ***!! that was a hard one to beat for me. I loved doing it w/ alcohol. But, it made me really paranoid when i smoked it without alcohol.
    I had quit drinking for a couple years and then tried it. ONE BIG PARANOID day. i couldn't wait until it was over.
    Now i am 2.5 years drug/alc free. Best thing i ever did. The world is mine!!!!!

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    This is great, Jeff. I am just getting back on track and the weed is leaving my system slowly. I find myself full of anxiety and insecurities, but I know I can do this and can't wait until my body rids itself of the toxins. It's crazy because I don't think I ever really enjoyed weed that much anyway (though I smoked it daily for close to 2 decades). It's odd because there is a notion that weed calms anxiety, but now I realize it was the primary cause of my anxiety and paranoia. I now believe I was just wrongly trying to chase that high and relive those initial fun days. Congrats, Jeff! You're always a good dude to see in the chat rooms and an inspiration to me!

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    Well done Jeff - watching your growth path is inspiring. I like how you constantly go over your HOV and practise your VACIs The tools do work if we use them!

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    yay, Jeff!!! You have always been an inspiration to me.

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    Awesome !

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    stay positive. good luck!

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