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    Default My First 30 Days

    Today is 30 days without touching a drink, which I haven't done on purpose since before college back in 1854.
    I definitely feel a huge sense of accomplishment and have a laundry list of positives as to why this is such a good and fantastical thing, but I still have this flat, numb feeling that's stopping me from doing the no-pants dance in the streets.
    I guess It's because I can't celebrate it like I want to. My badly trained brain keeps telling me he can't wait to tell my friends and family over a bunch of celebratory drinks... I have to keep reminding BadBrain that my friends are either users with a problem, or just friends that I haven't shared everything with about my situation. Same with family.
    So this loneliness has the Monster poking its fangs into the back of my neck, wanting to inject its golden poison into my circulatory.

    I told my therapist I would give 30 days a shot and go from there and that was the only plan. I know that I plan to continue to abstain because dealing with how hard I'm going to beat myself up if/when I fall is my strongest motivation right now. That guy's a prick and I don't want to see him anytime soon.

    I made a little card that I wrote a mini version of my CBA on that I keep in my wallet, so I'll just pull that out a few times tonight, work on some craving/coping skills, and maybe indulge in some naughty fast food or something. (and high-five myself when no one's looking)

    (you know what... i'm gunna live on the edge and not even check to see if anyone is looking)

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    Congrats! I am on day two and hope to be you in 29 days.

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    Awesome.....I haven't had a drink since my arrest on Aug 29th. I'm going to Sobriety Court which allowed a reduced jail sentence and reduction in fines. It is a great course attended by several individuals with the same issues. GREAT support! They referred me to this site . I'm looking forward to listening and sharing success stories. Be Blessed

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    Congrats on 36 days!! Thanks for sharing your success. I love the CBA Tool. I had my AHA moment when I wrote out my initial CBA. I liked the Note: Realize that you aren't stupid; you did get something from your addiction. It just may not be working on your behalf anymore.

    Here is a blank downloadable worksheet to use.

    Best to you,

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    i made it 9 months if i can do it any one could

    - - - Updated - - -

    its hard but i believe u can do it

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