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    Cool First Meeting

    Well, last night I held my first meeting at a local detox facility here in Calgary. Initially when I was first getting the ball rolling and organizing this meeting, I wasn't even halfway through completing my training session. I went through a whole range of emotions throughout the process. While I was planning and organizing, I felt excited to start transforming my plans into reality (I have often struggled with following through with plans in the past). Then once I had everything finalized (which surprisingly only took a 10 minute phone call before I was asked when I wanted to start !!), the anxiety and stress of wondering what I had just gotten myself into and self doubt set in. But at the same time I still had some of the initial excitement inside. That's when I started using some of the tools I have learned from SMART over the years Including the CBA, DIB's, and the good ole' ABC. This really helped change my focus from the anxiety and self doubt to the excitement and satisfaction I was feeling about actually accomplishing a goal I had set, and I was doing something that I have felt very passionate for sometime.

    Before i went into treatment almost 6 months ago, I began this leg of my journey by checking myself into the very detox facility where I am now hosting my inaugural SMART meetings. And before that I had spent approx the last 10-15 years on and off living on the streets of Calgary, and because of all this I personally already knew quite a few of those attending (either by name or at least knew them to see them and vice versa). There was even a good friend and ex drywall partner there. Talk about support!!

    I mention all this backstory because all of it had a HUGE impact on my meeting last night for a whole range of reasons. The biggest way this helped the meeting was that it made both the group and myself ALOT more comfortable and relaxed. It was more like a bunch of friends sitting around talking about life and recovery than a meeting. I was also comfortable enough with them to share a part of my story with them, particularly the impact that my recovery has had on other members of my family and the relationships I now enjoy with them. The last time I went into treatment, my 82 year old father got sober and moved into a sober living residence with me. This time around, my 21 year old son entered the exact same treatment program that I had just completed. He will be finished in about 2 weeks!! I couldn't be prouder of ALL three of us. My son has also already expressed alot of interest in taking the Facilitators Course and helping others with the words of SMART. I felt almost compelled to share this with the group to show them no matter what there is hope and ANYTHING is possible. Note that I did talk with both my son and father before hand and received permission from them to share our experiences and both were more than willing.

    All of this resulted in an utterly FANTASTIC meeting for both myself and the group. The feedback I was continuously getting throughout the meeting was awesome! They loved the topics, format, tools, the honesty, and the fact that they had "one of their own" with them there leading them. For myself, it has been along time since I experienced that level of satisfaction, self confidence and assuredness that I was on the right path. It also helped my reinforce my commitment to go back to school to become an addictions counsellor.

    We had 18-20 people show up last night, and I am expecting up to 30 next week!!! Talk about well received!! And that's in a city where we already have 6 meetings weekly!!
    Thank you so very much for all your help and support. Hope everyone has an AWESOME day (:
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    Hello Scooter,
    Thank you for sharing your awesome success! Thank you for paying your work forward to your community!!

    Best to you,
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