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    Self Management is the principle that attracted me to SMART and has worked very for me. It has allowed me to design and follow a path that has changed mine and my wife's lives.
    This weekend we are celebrating 13 years of marriage, that's three days of celebrating. Today we're going for a picnic and watch people fly kites. Before I would have bought some flowers and a dinner and thought I had met my obligations and gone back to my own little world. Today I am rediscovering the joys of being married to my best friend and how fun she can be.
    I'm 52 years old and some days I'm just in awe at the life opening to me and the things that I missed along the way. Today I am the man I want to be a man of Honor.

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    you have a nice start on the weekend, have a great day, enjoy the life you have planned and my best to your Bride for the future as well.
    Wherever you go, there you are

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    Sounds pretty awesome to me. Best wishes, enjoy the day.

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    Thank you, we had a very good time.

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    Loved ones really do help us along. And it a blessing to see what really matters

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    Default and your wife..continued happiness

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    congrats. i am 12 yrs married, and 2 days sober. i want to continue to be married and change my life with sobriety. thanks for inspiring story.

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    got it going on.

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