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    Thumbs up Overcame: A panic attack, anhedonia, migraine all in one day with SMART tools...

    Hi all:

    My SMART story overall is a lot more profound than this, but I thought I'd lend some encouragement to people seeking hope.

    I use SMART tools not just to avoid addictions and other compulsive behavior, but to live a happier, more balanced life.

    This Saturday, I accidentally slept all day. Woke up yesterday (Sunday my time) with a terrible sense of anxiety, dread, and guilt; I missed my medications that day and there's no more "doubling up" (like I would have before SMART)...

    I used ABCs to help me sit with the "guilt" for simply having been tired, and DISARM to prevent escalation of the developing panic attack to emergency level. I also proceeded to develop a migraine, and this is really amazing, I was able to tolerate the pain which eventually left me. I used to have such low pain tolerance (which is a form of LFT/low frustration tolerance) before SMART, that I probably would have ended up at the ER whining.

    I now know the difference between how I would *prefer* to feel and find I can tolerate most things even if I don't like them.

    Thanks, SMART recovery, for giving me very simple tools which have improved my life!

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    I know this was written many months again, but thanks for posting. I am experiencing anhedonia, overwhelm and some anxiety right now, and it's useful to read an account of relief using these tools. I've been sober awhile but am new to SMART and in the midst of many major transitions. Your share is appreciated.

Share this SMART Recovery Success Story!

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