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    Default Pretty Good For Me

    Now on day 12! That's pretty good for me. I haven't put together this many days in at least a few months. Currently realizing the importance of motivation. Desire, effort and commitment for the goal of sobriety is what I'm working on now, regardless of how good or bad I feel about my future. Been going to some local meetings and digging into the handbook. Completed the HOV (keeping a visual of it in my mind every day) and working on the CBA. Extremely helpful tools. I welcome any and all feedback. I have been struggling for decades.


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    Delete I was posting the following on your other thread about the same time as you posted to this thread.

    "Hey Delete, you know what, you sound much better than your 'voice' about 2 1/2 weeks or so ago. Ijn fact you sound good, darn good.

    Hope you have an interesting day"

    You still sound good, darn good, to me. Keep pushing towards your goals.
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    Thanks again. Will keep pushing and keep you posted. Have a good evening. I replied to you on the other thread, but here it is again:

    Thanks. I am finding that it is much easier to do something when you actually "feel" like doing it. I really want this. I hope/expect to be checking back in a few days with the same unbroken sobriety. A little fearful of being overconfident but trying to stay level headed. All I have is today anyway. Thank you for the feedback. Very helpful.

    I'll stop back to this thread in the next few days. This is a little more motivation because I want to bring good news about my condition.

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