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    Lightbulb Changed my life!

    Today is day # 240! SMART will change your life - but ONLY if you want it to change! It puts you in control of your life ( and life is too short and you are guaranteed tomorrow)! It helps you trust yourself and, with that, love yourself. If you can't love yourself, you will have a hard time loving others. All of the tools used evolves your life into a balanced fulfilling life with the ability to make rationale decisions and direct your life toward a positive path. Surround your self with positive people, aim for a life style balance, and live and feel in the present. It takes practice, persistence and practice! Before you know it your will incorporate all of the values/skills of SMART and "puff" you incorporate all the tools and skills and you become a new person with a new norm! But, it takes some time as SMART training won't happen overnight. Baby steps! One day at a time! Be comfortable uncomfortable! If you want to live, love, and be satisfied - ATTEND A SMART MEETING and start changing your life NOW. Time is a wasting!

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    Thanks for the testimony Jon and I'm just taking baby steps now but I'm starting to feel more hopeful. Trusting and loving myself,and finding a balanced life is my aim.

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    Hi my name is Yessica , and i was wondering if you mind answering a few questions for a school project. Thank you! contact me @ [email protected]

Share this SMART Recovery Success Story!

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