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    Default "I'm a Champion for Choice! because......

    We're celebrating Champions Week: 18 Years of making SMART Recovery available on the internet!


    We love the comments we're getting from our 2016 Champions:

    "I'm a Champion for Choice! because.......

    ....... people need choice and free science-based recovery is a choice I believe in!"

    ....SMART works!"

    ....SMART teaches life skills!"

    ....SMART offers such generous resources on demand for those who know they have the power within to be sober. SMART online is free to all of us, it truly amazes me because of the vast support, information in the form of online daily meetings, endless podcasts, a chat room open 24 hours a day that at one moment can be fun, zingers flying in quick wit, whilst the next someone might enter and state they have an issue. I’ve seen it time and again, the room “sobers” up and immediately most in there ask ‘what’s going on?”. A genuine outpouring of suggestion, concern, and understanding surrounds the person who has asked for some attention. I love you SMART,…I thank you SMART."

    ....I love the aspect of the science behind the tools and how I am able to apply them. I am a psychology student and it really opened up a new way of learning for me. I love the online and Face 2 Face meetings and also how everyone has different stories but one common goal which is the power of choice to change our irrational thoughts into a rational way of thinking. I want to thank everyone who is a part of the system from the foubder to the volunteers to the participants and the supportive atmosphere of what SMART is all about."

    ......SMART has been very crucial for me in my recovery when other programs failed. If I could scrounge, connive, etc to get money for a drink, I sure can help such a great non-profit organization to grow and hopefully reach others like it has helped me. Be SMART in your thinking.

    .....I was a homeless mess before recovery! and we need a choice! 12 step does not work for everyone."

    .....SMART Recovery Online "rocks"!"

    .....​addiction is a behavior of choice, not a disease. It can be overcome through the application of behavioral theories resulting in learning to make different, better choices for our lives. No one but me can change my life and I choose how I do it!" is all about choices."

    .....SMART is a valuable resource for living well."

    ......we all deserve to live the life we desire."

    Today is the LAST DAY for us to claim an $1800 challenge for Champions Week.

    We need just a few more NEW or UPGRADING monthly supporters to make it happen.

    Click here to find out how you can be a Champion for Choice!

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    “If you want to change your life......change your mind"

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    Default 2017 Champions for Choice!

    Update 2017

    We recently wrapped up Champions Week 2017: 19 Years of making SMART Recovery available on the internet!

    We're happy to report that a record number of new monthly Champions signed up to support the online services and to help us earn the matching challenge. There were many individual donors as well, and combined contributions exceeded our goal.

    We love the comments we're getting from our 2017 Champions:

    "I'm a Champion for Choice! because.......

    ..... I gained a lot of direction from my first session. I believe strongly that free access to an evidence-based approach to addiction and family support should be widely available and celebrated."

    ....I felt I needed to give back and make my donation towards this wonderful life-saving program. Thank you SMART!"

    ....I feel empowered when I remind myself that to use or not to use, to drink or not to drink, to be an addict or not, is always my choice. No matter what, I can choose. I will be forever grateful for the day that I chose to become a member of Smart Recovery."

    ....SMART works!"

    SMART Recovery helps people become their own best selves, not just their same old selves only sober/clean. Thank you all for the tremendous work you do."

    ......SMART helped save the life of a family member."

    .....Somebody has to keep the lights on, and I got a discount on facilitator training at a time when I didn't have a job"

    “If you want to change your life......change your mind"

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    I simply echo such statments of how smart applies to so much more enriching life changing affirmative things.. I also speak respect to the mission and purpose of smart to empower other in choice for ABSTINENCE. It is incredible how the ABCD, CBA tools dramatically help my own life and decision making.. I really see that. I also can attest to the balance of respect to the SMART mission of abstinence in my primary reason for being here- to not view pornogrpahy. And I respect the way others have reached similar levels of change in their own lives with their choice of abstaining from addictive or self destructive self harmful behavior..

    I can say that smart's ABCD CBA tool has lent itself so well into the areas of my life where it turns out that emotional regulation is a larger concern. I sincerely see the continual improvment of what it has done in my life, and continues to do .. especially as this website is made available, adn the strong support of volunteers.. of which I have great resepct, and I hope that in whatever capacity my skills my develop into that I might be able to be apart of the progressing evolution of smart's abilty to reach greater and greater efficacy

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    CHAMP! out of sight.

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