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    i had a small victory last week using the tool of "choice." I struggle with binges and eating sugary things and bread. Those 2 things I I was at the gym a few days ago and had a craving for an item they sell there...but i talked myself out of it by realizing that if i gave in, i would just want another one.

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    I think it is a sum/accumulation of those "small" victories that enables us to ultimately change our thinking. Do not underestimate what happened here. Congrats!
    "Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt

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    Congratulations to your "small" victory! You know aggregates of "small things" will eventually change big things.

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    Congratulation dear on your small victory keep celebrating the small achievement, and in the end, you will get big surprises.

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    I’ve noticed the body almost craves sugar after quitting alcohol. I’ve been clean for some time now but still have a bit of sugar due to my next mission, to quit smoking cigarettes. Then I’m going for cutting the sugar out and only natural sugars as in fruit and such. It’s hard but I have the will power to do it I know.

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